Graduate programs

Advanced analytics – big data    Agricultural engineering Agronomy

Architecture and urban planning      Architecture and urban sciences

Architecture for society of knowledge    Aerospace engineering and astronautics

Architecture   Archeology  Advanced spectroscopy in chemistry

Automatic control and robotics Administration       American studies

Applied gender studies

Applied mathematics Asian Studies >> Asia-Europe Relations: Exploring Business Opportunities


Business administration  Biology Biotechnology     Business information science

Bioinformatics         Business management


Civil engineering       Construction Chemical engineering    Chemistry Computer science

Computer science and econometrics    Control engineering and robotics Cultural studies

Cybersecurity and Strategic Studies     Corporate finance and accounting


Diplomacy and Negotiations in the Age of Information          Data Science   Mechatronics


Economics and IT Applications       Economics

Economics and International Business      European administration    European business and finance

Environmental engineering  English studies EU-Japan Advanced Multidisciplinary Master Studies

Euroculture        European Regional Studies    European studies           Environmental engineering

Economics and IT Applications         Environmental protection Eco-engineering    Ecology and evolution

Environmental management  Electrical engineering Electronics      Energetics Economics

Electronics and telecommunications      European Politics and Society: Vaclav Havel Joint Master Programme


Finance and accounting  Food science Food technology and human nutrition  Forestry

Finance, investments and accounting    Finance


Geology         Geodesy, Surveying and Cartography          Green technologies and monitoring

Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies        Global business, finance and governance




International Business                 International Business Management         Information science

International economic relations    International business and negotiations

International Masters in Russian, Central and East European Studies

International relations           Intercultural Communication Internal security

International and Political Studies      International Masters in Economy, State and Society

Informatics, control engineering and robotics


Journalism and social communication


Language and literature studies       Language and literature studies (conference interpreting)


Law    Linguistics     Landscape architecture     Logistics


Management  Mechanics and machine design      Mechanics and machine building

Mechatronic systems and materials    Management: Business and Finance Management

Materials engineering      Mining and engineering geology

Mechanical engineering Mining and engineering geology      MA in Emerging Global Europe

MA in European Studies – EU Studies         Mediterranean studies

Management and production engineering    Mathematics         Molecular Biotechnology


Product research          Physics Production engineering   Psychology     Paleobiology Political science

Physiotherapy     Philosophy         Public relations, marketing and new media


Navigation   Nuclear power engineering


Robotics and decision systems


Theology      Tourism and recreation      Telecommunications Teaching English to Young Learners


International tourism, hotel industry and leisure services        Information science and econometrics


Ocean engineering


Science and technology  Sustainable Development   Security studies Sociology    Social media marketing


Virto technology     Wood technology

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