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Ternopil National Economic University, TNEU was founded in 1971. It is located in the city of Ternopil, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine.Today The university has 29,404 students in 19 specialties and 43 specializations.The educational process is provided in 72 departments, employing 1153 teachers. Among them: 45 – academics, 20 – corresponding members specialized academies, 69 – doctors, professors, 359 – Candidates associate.The curriculum of the University of intensive and flexible. It provides fundamental trained in the early years of training, followed by a transition to specialization by the gradual transformation of basic courses in specific disciplines.

  • The University was founded in 1966, when the Department of Financial and Economic Faculty of Kyiv Institute of National Economy was opened in Ternopil. Within the years, the Department was transformed into the Faculty (1967), after that – into Financial and Economic Institute (1971), Institute of National Economy (1989), Academy of National Economy (1994). In March 30, 2005 the educational establishment became a University. In September 29, 2006 the National status was conferred to the University.Already eight years on the initiative of the University of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Centre for European and International Studies TNEU University. AND-V.Hete in Frankfurt am Main (Germany),
  • University of Lyon 2 University. Lyumiyera ( France ), University. Erasmus of Rotterdam ( Netherlands ) carried out in Yalta, Foros International conference “Problems of economic integration of Ukraine into the European Union.”Successfully conducted training in Ukraine-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management, Ukraine German degree in International Economics and Management, which are the structural units of the Institute of International Business and Management. Equally popular is the Ukraine-Polish department of finance and insurance as part of the Institute of Finance. Their students annually are trained abroad
    Today TNEU has 15 units.One of the branches located in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan .
  • The branch was opened in 2001 y. on the basis of an agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Armenia. It trains specialists in major international economics, banking, finance, accounting, and auditing computer systems and networks. Embassy of Ukraine in Armenia is actively involved in the university.Also there are a number of remote structures – in Foros and even Kiev . TNEU Ukraine provides specialists prestigious professions of financial and banking, accounting and auditing, economics and management, computer science and so on.Ternopil National Economic University was kind of a holding company,which includes institutions created at the former departments, centers and master’s Pre-University,
  • Center for European and International Studies, joint-stock banks, innovation, training and production of agricultural, association of insurance companies, consulting and audit firms.At the Faculty of Economy of the Dresden Technical University, the University opened the program, after which students can Ternopil, except Ukrainian master’s degree majoring in “International Economics” also available German diploma with specialization in the chosen economic direction.Vinnitsa Institute of Economics – Branch TNEU in Vinnitsa. Director – Pohrischuk Boris, deputy director – Vladimir Kozlovsky. Institute trains students in three areas – finance and credit, accounting and auditing, and business economics.


Degree programsDurationTution
International Economics4years $2400
Business administration4years $2400
Accounting & Auditing4years $2400
Management4years $2400
Computer science4years $2400
Preparatory course(Eng)4years $2400
Preparatory course(ukr)4years $2400

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